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Q: How can I register for class?

A: Registration can be done online at Fill out the form and pay the fee of $10 per student. The student name must match the name on the form unless otherwise specified (there will be a "Payment Name" section you can fill if someone else is paying) Please note, this is the only way you can register for the semester.

Q: Is there a limit of students that can registered? Will I be notified if there are no more spots in the class?

A: There is going to be a limited number of spots open for classes, as it is first come first served. It is important that payment must be received to secure your spot in the class; if no payment is received before all spots fill up, you will be moved to a waitlist.

If all spots are filled before the end of the registration period, the form will be changed to a waitlist form that requires no payment. If spots open at the beginning of the semester, waitlist students will be notified in order of submission to pay for a spot in the class.

Q: What are the levels available next semester?

A: The classes will be divided as such:

Beginner - beginners and Lvl 1 students

Intermediate - Levels 2 & 3

Advanced - Levels 4 & up

Hopefully these questions help you with registration! We look forward to seeing you next semester!

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