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Saturday, December 11th 2-5 PM

Limited to 50 entries on a first come first served basis $20 entry fee ! 

A survival game of 50 participants starting on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 2 PM!



o 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 (MU.GUNG.HWA KKOCH-I PIEO.SSSEUM.NIDA, Rose of Sharon has bloomed) – Red light green light

o 달고나 뽑기 (DAL.GONA PPOB.GI) – Carving out shapes from a DALGONA candy

o 구슬치기 (GU.SEUL.CHIGI) – Odd or even betting game with marbles

o 딱지치기 (TTAG.JI.CHI.GI) – Flipping over folded piece of paper, TTAGJI, by hitting with another

o 줄다리기 (JUL.DA.LI.GI) – Tug of war

o And more



o 달고나 (DAL.GO.NA) – Candy made of sugar and baking soda

o 옛날 도시락 (YET.NAL DO.SI.LAG) – Typical Korean lunch box of the olden days

o 생라면 (SAENG.LA.MYEON) – Uncooked ramen noodles

o And more


SQUID GAME T-shirt will be provided to all participants

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