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King Sejong

Korean Group Tutoring

Due to popular demand, we are now excited to offer small-sized group tutoring. This is a great option for those seeking more personalized attention, as each class is capped at a maximum of five students. The result is a much more interactive learning environment with your native Korean tutor.

The statue you see here is King Sejong, who invented Hangul.

Class Details

How to Register

1. Please note that specific class days have not yet been determined, as we first need to gauge interest and determine the total number of group classes to open, and assign tutors accordingly.

2. Therefore, if interested, please fill out the expression of interest form below and select your availability (it's important to note that only 5 students per class are admitted.)

3. After OKCC determines specific class days based on registration and availability, we will contact you through email to confirm your participation and proceed with payment instruction to secure your spot.

4. Upon payment, you will receive a Zoom link to your class in a few days.

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