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Education/Advocacy Chair

Job Type

18 Years or Older

About the Role

- Outreach to local schools to give presentations regarding Korean culture

- Executing Korean language classes every semester

- Providing political advocacy in the form of funds, petitions, etc. for the Asian American community in Orlando

- Assisting with voter registration and political campaigns for candidates that are most sympathetic towards Korean causes

- Establishing scholarships for local students

- Note that this is a volunteer position


  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Passion for learning about and spreading awareness of Korean culture

  • Demonstrated interest in advocacy of Asian American rights and well-being a plus, but not required

  • Be able to dedicate 1-2 hours minimum weekly

About the Company

OKCC is an entirely volunteer-run cultural center dedicated to bringing awareness of Korean culture, history, food, beauty, music, and language to the Greater Orlando area. Every year, we hold the Orlando Korea Festival, bringing thousands of people around the city to our center. We also hold Korean language classes every semester and events such as Squid Games, cooking classes, K-Pop contest, and much more. We welcome people of any backgrounds to come join our tight-knit team.

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